I’m here to help YOU save time, drive traffic, and offer valuable content to your readers. Bottom line – make you more money. I offer:

  • * SEO/SMO BLOG POSTS – most companies serious about content marketing have a blog on their website to ensure content is being added regularly. Google then sees the site as active and current and this improves its chances of ranking.
  • Blogs are not simply thoughts in a journal anymore. Successful ones are expertly written, optimized articles containing quality content to inform and entertain readers. As well as driving traffic to websites, they build customer loyalty and help grow email lists for customer/prospect marketing.
  • If you don’t have time to write them, or you’re not sure how, let me do it for you. It’s the number one thing I’m called on to do these days!
  • * SEO/SMO CONTENT WRITING – articles on dogs, long or short.
  • * COPYWRITING CATALOG OR WEBSITE PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS – short blocks of copy that get your prospect to hit the magic “BUY NOW” button. Features don’t sell products – benefits do. I can turn your features into benefits and make those benefits resonate with your prospect to meet his wants, needs, and desires.
  • * EMAIL COPYWRITING – marketing your products to your email list to get the most bang for your buck.

I have over twenty years of experience in writing and editing in London, Sydney, and Dubai. (My work history/resume can be found on my LinkedIn page.) When I started freelance work in the US, many businesses hired me immediately, including pet businesses. Are you ready to join them?

If so, let’s talk. I’m versatile, professional, easy to work with, and offer competitive rates.

My contact details are below or you can go to the Contact page and fill in the form. Please shoot me all your questions and we’ll go over rates. If you prefer to call, that’s great too!

I’d love to be your dog copywriter!