An indoor toilet when they can’t get out…

This catalog product copy appeared in the “GW Little” pet catalog and website:

Do you work or leave your home for extended periods? Do you come home to accidents on your favorite rug or dogs that are miserable because they’ve had to hold it for too long? Pet-sitters too expensive? These are common problems for pet owners, but luckily there’s a great new solution – introducing PETáPOTTY.

Some dogs are lucky – they have a fenced-in backyard and a doggie door. Whenever they need to do their business, they push open that flap and away they go. Pet parents have the peace of mind that their dogs are not crossing their legs waiting for them to get home. However, not every pooch has this luxury, especially if they live in apartments or condos.

Cats have the use of a litter tray, of course, but wouldn’t it be nice – for them and you – if your dog had one too? Well, now they can…

PETáPOTTY is a revolutionary “real” indoor toilet that is becoming the next must-have pet accessory. And its arrival shows just how far we’ve come since the messy days of putting newspaper down for fido in the bathroom or laundry area. Pee pads made a great advance over newspaper, but are still not ideal as they often leak or the dog’s aim is amiss.

So how does this product work? By bringing the outdoors in! Dogs love to pee on grass, so the inventors of PETáPOTTY created a small, self-draining box with a sturdy, removable, and easy-clean tray underneath and either real or synthetic turf on top. Dogs can quickly be taught how to hop on to it to do their business – and because it feels and looks like the real thing, they love it and it feels natural to them!

The “mini-lawn” can be placed anywhere in your home, patio, deck, RV, or boat, and can even be hooked up to the plumbing for exceptional cleanliness. If you opt to go with the live sod it is delivered to your door when you need to replace it, or you can keep a stock of the artificial kind. Both types need to be changed out periodically, but for in-between times just spritz the area with the item’s sister product, Smell‘U’Lator – an enzyme spray that eats up the odor-producing bacteria. If you don’t like the idea of cleaning the unit out yourself, you can even pay for the company’s staff to come out and do it for you.

Although dogs will always prefer a trip outside when they need to potty, when that’s not possible, the PETáPOTTY is a great new solution to an age-old problem. Imagine the feeling of never having to worry about crossed legs or messes to clean up again! Order today to make that a reality.

* Designed for dogs up to 100lb, and can be used by cats, ferrets, and rabbits.

* Sizes: Original (34″L x 34″W x 6″H) for toy, medium, and most larger dogs – the favorite choice for two+ dog households. MSRP $279.99.

* Petite (26″L x 34″W x 6″H) for medium to smaller dogs. MSRP $259.99.

* Mini (20″L x 18″W x 6″H) for toy or lap dogs. MSRP $199.99.

* Add $15 additional shipping for the Mini or Petite, $25 for the Original.