Have You Ever Needed a Hug?

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Hello everyone, Fred James here with the cutest story a friend of mine just told me…

Seems his young daughter suddenly developed an irrational fear of going outside. He’s not sure why, or whether it’s connected to the coronavirus worries she may have picked up on, but he said he tried everything he could think of to get her out again and he was having the hardest time. I can just picture it…

He offered to take her to the park so she could ride the cool swing she normally begs to go swing on.

He offered to take her to the mall to get her the new doll she wanted, the one all her friends had got.

And he even offered to take her for ice cream – she has a particular favorite made with chocolate ice cream with bits of chocolate in it along with brownie pieces and Heath bar pieces – but she even refused that.

He was completely at a loss.

Then his mom, who happened to be there at the time, just stepped in and gave the child the kind of big old bear hug that only a grandma can give and told her that everything was going to be just fine. Shortly thereafter they walked outside, hand in hand, and into the warm and sunny day. He was so happy. He was laughing while he was telling me about it, but he said it was something that alarmed him at the time.

After I hung up the phone, I got to thinking more about it. And about how it reminded me of a new device I had been using to calm my new rescue dog Prince. He came from a bad place and he’s so grateful to be adopted that he suffers from awful separation anxiety when I leave the house. I mean he cries, he whines, he sometimes pees on the floor, and he’s even tried scratching at the door to get out to get reconnected with me. It’s bad folks. I think he’s terrified I’m going to abandon him and never come back.

If you’ve ever experienced separation anxiety with your dog you’ll know exactly what I mean. For a start, it’s bad for the dog as he can hurt himself through his crazed behavior. I’ve heard of dogs that bite through their crates to get out and end up at the vet with cuts and lacerations. Who wants that problem and that bill? And let’s face it, it’s totally bad for us, too, as it pulls at our heartstrings so that we never want to leave the house. Plus not only can the dog damage himself, but he can also wreck your house. Repair bills and carpets with pee on them aren’t good either – none of us want that.

But what if we could leave something at home to help ease these irrational fears while we are gone?

Something that would wrap its arms around our pets and comfort them when we go to work or out to the store?

What if it were possible to leave them with grandma’s hug?

I’ve found the answer here…


Doggie Daydreams is a wireless sonic tranquilizer that quickly calms anxious dogs by emitting soothing, subliminal sound waves, and/or music, to induce deep relaxation during stressful situations, such as:

  1. Being home alone
  2. During thunderstorms
  3. Vet or groomer visits
  4. During travel

Developed by engineers, this ingenious stress solution is specifically attuned to the hearing of dogs and is an effective chemical-free alternative with no side effects. And it couldn’t be easier to use. Just press a switch on the little speaker as you leave the house, or get in the car together, and the sounds begin immediately.

It works with Prince, he settles right down as soon as it begins. Now doesn’t that sound like something that might help you and your dog?


Right now, the company is offering a carrying case worth $20 to the next 100 people who buy Doggie Daydreams through this email. I’d jump all over that deal because at some point if you have an anxious dog you’ll need it.

Yours delivering calmness,


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P.S. Want more proof that this product can deliver that bear hug? Because the company is so sure it can solve your problems, they’re standing by it. How about a 60-day no-risk guarantee?…