Marking His Territory? Belly Bands to the Rescue!

This catalog copy appeared in the “GW Little” pet catalog and website:


Does your male dog like to leave his calling card everywhere…even inside? Do you have an old dog who can’t hold it anymore? Fret not, the new version of the old doggie diaper is here to wipe away your cleaning-up and embarrassment blues.

Many dogs instinctively put their mark on the world, often wherever they feel like it. Especially the little guys! If that happens to be on your new lettuce bed, or in your friend’s house, it’s a BIG problem!

The Belly Band from “Go Dogs” is the solution you’ve been looking for.

And think of when you travel with him, too. If you’re driving and can’t stop for a potty break, or if you need peace of mind that he won’t go in your hotel room, or office if you take him to work, the Belly Band is here for you.

The great thing is that they don’t even look like a diaper, so neither of you will ever be embarrassed by them! In fact, they look great and come in a variety of materials, colors, designs, and sizes. The absorbent terry cloth on the inside, the part he whizzes into, is detachable and can be machine washed. Perfect!

Take control today!