CBD Oil for Dogs: 7 Inspiring Things You Need to Know


Oh my goodness don’t you hate to see your dog suffering, or in some kind of pain? From arthritis to allergies – and even tumors to cancer – you’ll do anything you can to help them. But are you happy using traditional drugs that can have serious side effects? Or would you prefer a natural approach if possible? Well if the answer to that is yes, you’re not alone – and many people, myself included, are turning to an amazing product to help their pet’s health issues…

For the last few years, many pet parents have been taking a serious look at CBD oil for dogs. But because it’s relatively new on the market, and studies are not extensive, there’s not a lot of scientific information out there for people to consider. This one from Cornell University showed a lot of promise, and there’s a few more, but not that many, sadly.

And here’s another sad thing – because of its link to marijuana, your vet, the one person who should be able to discuss it with you, can’t, by law! They can get in trouble for even talking to you about it, let alone prescribing it. There has been some breakthrough in California where vets can now discuss CBD oil with their customers, but they cannot prescribe it. As far as I can tell, that’s the only state that has gone that far.

When I broached the subject with my vet, I could tell she was immediately uncomfortable and got me off the subject as quickly as she could. This will change one day, I hope, but for now, as you don’t need a prescription for it, I decided to test it out myself. I loved what I discovered, and I recommend educating yourself to see if it’s something you’d like to try.

As a result of the research I did, I found out these amazing seven things about the benefits of CBD oil for dogs. Remember, you’re not going to find many studies out there to prove any of this, but people are speaking out. The proof is most definitely in the pudding.

1: It’s a Disease-Fighting Rock Star!

cbd oil for dogsAs well as pain management, which is perhaps what it is mainly known for, it can also help with a myriad of conditions. Jesse Hartsog of The Golden Almond Health Store in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, has been selling CBD oil for humans and dogs for five and a half years now. He confidently told me that he has had much positive feedback on how CBD oil is helping his customers’ dogs.

“I’m finding that it helps with a multitude of issues,” he said. “Dogs with deteriorating and inflamed hips and joints benefit and I’ve even seen it help pinched nerves. Dogs that cannot walk can be up and about again in a matter of days.”

He said he also recommends it for neurological conditions: “I’ve observed that it helps with seizures and anxiety disorders such as separation anxiety. It promotes a feeling of calmness.” I know from my dog training days that separation anxiety is a huge issue for people. And look what other conditions have been reportedly improved by it:

  1. allergies and hot spots
  2. loss of appetite
  3. heart issues
  4. diabetes
  5. kidney disease
  6. Cushing’s disease
  7. rashes and skin conditions
  8. even tumors and cancer

2: Side Effects Are Minimal

I know all dogs are different, but most seem to tolerate it very well. There might be some fatigue or sleepiness if the dose is too high, and you would just tweak it. There might be a change in appetite even. And not common at all is nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Some owners have reported seizures – but CBD oil seems to help with seizures more than cause them. My dog experienced none of these issues when I used it on him (more on that below).

CBD oil is considered to be very safe as long as it is good quality and I recommend organic. Some homework does need to be done here. Be picky where you get yours from. Health Stores such as The Golden Almond usually have the best and I found some online that I love. I used Source on my dog Pippin, but I’ve since discovered Nuleaf Naturals and Honest Paws and they look good to go to me. There are many more. You’ll get a feel for quality once you start reading about it on the different websites that offer it. I hope this post will get you interested enough to do that.

3: It Helped My Dog

As he aged, my Pippin got arthritis – CBD oil helped him with this, as it has done for so many dogs, and he got a bonus gift from it too! His vet wanted to put him on one of the usual nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. And don’t get me wrong, they work well. I see the advantage. But I wasn’t comfortable with the possible side effects. A friend of mine literally believes that one of those drugs killed her dog! She has no proof, of course, but it made me think. So I asked my vet about CBD oil for dogs and, as outlined above, she wouldn’t discuss it with me.

However, since I believed that no harm could come from using the oil, I decided to try it. I’m glad I did. Within a short space of time, Pip was getting around much better. He WANTED to go on walks again. I was so happy. And you know what else? Pip had a lot of benign pink tumors all over his body that also came as he aged. Those tumors all dried up and dropped off after using the oil. I was stunned. My vet was pretty surprised, too!

4: It’s Not Going to Break the Bank

CBD oil for dogs is not prohibitively expensive. Compared to putting your dog on a course of NSAIDS from the vet cbd oil for dogsfor the long term, it can even keep money in your pocket. I love that! Now don’t forgo quality for price – don’t buy it from your local gas station. You have to pay for the right oil, but I found it was still more cost-effective. And I felt better about giving it to my dog for extended periods.¶

5: Your Dog is Not Going to Get High

Don’t worry! CBD oil is not like marijuana. CBD is short for cannabidiol and is just one of many compounds found in the cannabis plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is another one. This one has the psychoactive properties that will get a person or dog high. CBD oil will contain no THC, or such a small fraction that it would not have any effect whatsoever. It’s safe! I wouldn’t have risked it on my darling 16-year-old dog if there was any danger of him getting “stoned”!

Companies should provide an analysis breakdown of what exactly is in the product they are selling. The website I ordered from, Source, clearly stated that none of their products are psychoactive, with THC levels under 0.30% and therefore legal in all 50 states. That is what you need to see.

6: Make Sure You Get the Right Oil

So I’m not just talking about the quality here. When you start shopping you will notice that you can choose between CBD oil and hemp oil. When I saw that I did even more research to see what the difference is. It’s confusing, but there is a difference. It seems that the latter has some nice properties but not the healing power of CBD.

While both CBD and hemp come from a hemp plant that belongs to the cannabis family, they are extracted from

different parts of the plant. CBD oil is made from the flowers, leaves, and stalks, while hemp is extracted from the

cbd oil for dogs

Photo by Winston Peki, www.herbonaut.com

seeds. And that makes a big difference my friends. The hemp seeds are full of Omega 6 and very nutritional for your dog, but they are not the medicinal powerhouse of their cousin.

Oh and just so you know, the oil you use on your dogs is the same oil that we humans take. It’s the dosage you have to be aware of and it depends on the severity of the issue. Ask someone at the health store who is familiar with CBD oil or the people who sell the product on their website to make sure you are getting it right. Jesse Hartsog informed me: “You can’t use the flavored oils on dogs, and the carrier oil has to be right – coconut oil is ideal.”

7: CBD Oil for Dogs Works Fast and is Easy to Administer

Taken orally it can start to help very quickly. The bottles have a dropper in them and I squirted it right into Pip’s mouth. Easy! You can also now get treats to deliver the dose.

Another tip for you: if you are unclear how much to give your dog there are dosage charts to help. This one is from the website I got my oil from and the chart took away any guesswork. I hope it helps you, too.

So there we have it. If your dog needs help with a health issue but you don’t want to treat her with pharmaceuticals, please consider this product. But remember every dog is different, what works for some may not for another. Do your research of course but keep an open mind and give CBD oil a go…you’ve got nothing to lose.

If you have used CBD oil on your dog and found it helped, or would like to help spread the word, please share this post so more people can learn about it too. Please leave your comments below also.¶

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