3 Purr-fect Ways to Keep Your Cat Entertained

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Do you have a bored kitty that wishes they had more fun and excitement in their life? Would you love to know how to keep your cat entertained while you’re at work? If so, we’ve got your back with some paw-some ideas to beat the kitty blues!


1. Animal Antics


Cats are prey-driven. Anyone who’s ever watched one knows how they love to stalk, stare longingly out of the window at squirrels and birds, and pounce on anything that moves. It’s instinctual.


If they’re allowed outside, some rambunctious cats may even chase after rabbits, birds, mice, rats, and more!


With this in mind, if you have a purely indoor kitty, try to utilize this strong prey instinct to amuse and engage them.


Knowing what motivates them will enable you to keep your cat feline fine!


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