3 Halloween Safety Tips for Black Cats

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When Halloween rolls around, everyone’s favorite scary movies come back on our screens…we bet you’ll be watching Hocus Pocus again, right?

This classic Halloween film features the talking black cat Binx, reminding us that black cats, in particular, are always brought to the forefront at this time of year.

But why is this?

The History Channel took a deep dive into the subject in their fascinating article on Why Black Cats Are Associated with Halloween and Bad Luck. It informs us that this not-so-nice association with them goes back as far back as the 13th century. We know this is nonsense, but superstitious people still consider it bad luck to cross paths with one.

The article stresses that this is an unearned reputation for our loveable black kitties. Still, because of this bad rap, they’re considered mysterious and a little eerie, so they fit right into the whole idea of Halloween.

Black cats are not creepy or frightening at all. In fact, they’re no different from any other cat. So to help them beat their spooky stigma and help keep them safe and soothed on Fright Night, we came up with these three paw-sitive Halloween safety tips for black cats.

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