Latest Dog Food Recall: Hot Off the Press News You Don’t Want to Miss

How I dread a dog food recall. They happen, though, so I always like to keep informed about them. I’m going to be writing some posts on dog food and have a free ebook in the works, but in the meantime I’m going to inform you all about food and treat recalls as soon as they come out.

Sunshine Mills, Inc, recalled some of their food on October 8. This is low-end dog food that I would avoid at all costs and the reason for the recall make this obvious.

Corn is food dogs cannot digest and has no place in dog food. This food was recalled because the corn in it was moldy. Yuk! I hope none of you are feeding this food to your dogs but please go HERE to get the full scoop on this dog food recall and find the names of the products involved.

dog food recall
Moldy corn is the culprit of this dog food recall

The source is Dog Food Advisor. I like this site because they put a lot of work into informing their readers about the countless dog foods out there, and offer advice on how good or bad they are. They cover treats, too.

If you give them your email address they will also send you recall information as soon as they publish it. If you don’t want to give your email up, I will always post it for you right here on my blog.

Keeping Informed Is Key

My favorite source for advice on dog food, however, is The Whole Dog Journal. Their information is outstanding. Between these two places, you’ll pretty much have all the information you need to determine if the food you are feeding your dog is up to par.

Dog Food Advisor is free, but to get the best low-down on dog food from The Whole Dog Journal you’ll need a subscription. They give some great information out for free but if you subscribe you will get ALL of it.

But don’t worry! I have that subscription and I’ll be posting a lot of tips that come from them. If you really want in-depth knowledge as soon as it comes out, though, I do suggest you subscribe. I think it’s only $20 for a year and they cover any topic relevant to dogs. You will learn a lot. It’s my absolute go-to place for accurate information.

There is a lot to cover on dog food. As soon as my free ebook comes out you’ll be the first to know about it and get it. In the meantime, keep your pets happy and healthy by feeding them the best dog food you can afford.

I hope there won’t be a new dog food recall any time soon, but I’ll let you know about it as soon as I know. Have a great weekend everyone!

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2 comments on “Latest Dog Food Recall: Hot Off the Press News You Don’t Want to Miss
  1. Thank you so much for this info Wendy. I had no idea it was good to change their food around from time to time. I’m definitely subscribing to the newsletter. We’ve been feeding them American Journey from Chewy but also Nutro. They only have grain free food and love green beans and carrots. Loki loves peas☺️ I’m loving this. Great job!!!

    • Hi Marlene, thanks for the kind words, it means a lot. My aim is to help people understand their dogs and their needs so they live longer, happier lives. When I was a trainer, I realized just how little we all know about them. Food is a huge topic. I’m going to forward you a link to a You Tube video by a vet called Dr. Karen Becker. She knows her stuff when it comes to food and I’m using some of her information for my ebook. If you watch this video you will learn an awful lot about dog food and get some great ideas for improving your dog’s diet. I changed what I fed mine after watching it. Thanks for subscribing to the blog. I have the best fun creating the emails to forward to all my followers when I have a new post out. BTW, green beans, carrots and peas are great for the pups! Well done! I’m going to send you a DM shortly love. Take care!

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