Are Seresto Flea and Tick Collars Dangerous For Your Dog?

On March 2, USA Today put out an article stating that the popular Seresto flea and tick collars pictured here have been linked to almost 1700 pet deaths and that the EPA has not issued a warning about them…

“No pesticide is completely without harm, but EPA ensures that there are measures on the product label that reduce risk,” an EPA spokesperson said. “The product label is the law, and applicators must follow label directions. Some pets, however, like some humans, are more sensitive than others and may experience adverse symptoms after treatment.”

Some vets recommend them and they are freely available to buy.

So what’s going on here? Are these collars safe to use or aren’t they?

Well, the answer is not yes or no it seems. While some pets have died from wearing them, others suffer no side effects at all. It’s the same with topical flea and tick products that you squeeze on your pet’s back. Some pets can stand them and some can’t.

There are many knock-off collars for sale, too, that are even more harmful. Oh boy!

Even though some vets ok them, giving warnings I’m sure, and Amazon still sells them, I wouldn’t recommend the collars! Knowing that pets can die from these products puts me off for sure. I don’t use the collars but I do use the topical squeeze-ons and my dogs are fine.

It still worries me, though.

I walk my dogs in the woods and they will catch a tick in a heartbeat here on the Panhandle of Florida. For people like me and many others who have to deal with fleas and ticks, what do we do?

We can keep using them if our dogs are doing well on them. But the only way to avoid any potential harm from products that contain chemicals is to NOT use them.

And all those poor people who have lost their pets from using these products would BEG you not to use them.

Do Natural Flea and Tick Products Work?

Do natural flea and tick medicines work for dogs?

Natural remedies are getting more and more popular but can be more time-consuming to use. And frankly, too difficult or messy.


Wondercide has a marvelous spray made out of essential oils but my dogs hated them because the smell was so overpowering for them. Plus spraying your whole dog, or dogs, down with it is impractical. I threw mine away. Great product, not practical.


Some people swear by human-grade diatomaceous earth. What’s that? It’s a natural insecticide in the form of a powder that you can safely use on your pet and/or yard. Again…it might work well but for me too impractical.


There are also garlic chewables that do a great job at naturally warding of the undesirables, but try getting your dog to eat one! Mine wouldn’t…no matter how much I disguised them. Again, not the answer for all.

Natural flea and tick squeeze-on…something new!

Help may be at hand, however. I recently saw a relatively new natural squeeze-on product that has lots of great reviews. And it’s super easy to apply…drops on the back of the pet just like the regular topical flea and tick products.

I think I’m going to try it out. I have two dogs that go in the woods. I’ll put this product on one and my K9 Advantix II on the other. I’m hoping that neither one will get a flea or tick and then I can ditch the one that contains pesticides.

Fingers crossed. I don’t want my dogs getting fleas and ticks and I’m wary of using chemicals, especially after this Seresto flea and tick collar news.

I will update everyone here on the effectiveness of this natural squeeze-on. And if any of you have other natural remedies for fleas and ticks I surely would appreciate your feedback. Please comment below. And don’t forget to share this article so that we can get input from others, too. Thanks.

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