Great! You want to know more about how I can help you as a dog copywriter!

Hey, I’m Wendy Hollandsworth and I’ve turned my love for dogs, and my work with dogs, into a full-time career in writing. Finn is my right-hand man! He’s here to help and guide me the whole way so you’ll be sure my work is authentic! That’s him again to the right with his little sister Meg and older brother Ziggy Stardust.

Why hire a general freelance copywriter who doesn’t necessarily “get” dogs, when you can hire me:

    • * I’m a dog lover
    • * A dog adopter – all my dogs have been rescues. Finn and Meg came from a hoarder in Mississippi and Ziggy came from our local shelter
    • * I’ve volunteered in dog rescue
    • * I’ve worked in a boarding and grooming business
    • * I’ve run my own pet-sitting business
    • * I’ve created a pet blog
    • * I’ve been a dog trainer

I share YOUR passion for dogs, and because I understand where you are coming from, I can write JUST the kind of copy you are seeking to sell YOUR business.

    That business needs copy, all kinds of different copy. Are you happy with yours? Does it help you stand out in a crowd? Or is it just so-so? Is it optimized for Google and social media? If it’s selling your products or services faster than a greyhound you probably don’t need me – but if there’s room for improvement, how would you like to make it dog-gone great?

        Make me YOUR dog copywriter. Shoot me an email or call me to find out more.

        To see my full work history/resume on my LinkedIn page, click here.

          My contact details are below or you can go to the Contact page and fill in the form.

          I look forward to working with you!